Goddess Scopes Horoscopesfor July 2018 

By: Donna Virgilio

Working with the Goddess each month gives you an opportunity to get to know the character, gifts and essence of each Goddess. The qualities of the Goddess are also in you. As you get to know the Goddess you will get to know yourself and your divine feminine power. Take time to connect with the Goddess that has been specifically chosen for your sign. You will produce results in your life both inward and out in the world.

Aries: Goddess Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Romance

This is a happy time for beloved Aries children of the Goddess. The weight of the world lifts off your shoulders. With the summer sunrays browning on your skin, you feel free-spirited, playful, with leisure time to spare. Now is a great time to be outdoors. Enjoy those summer sports and expend some of that excess energy.

Love or romance awaits you. This is the right time to begin a very loving romance. You are fearless and ready to take a leap of faith. Enjoy the butterflies and the forgetfulness of daily duties. Love struck eyes meet yours and together you are ready to leap over the moon.

Taurus: Goddess Hestia, Goddess of Home, Fire and Hearth

You are especially creative ready to start something new. It may be creating your own family or family atmosphere. You may be spending time with loved ones and staying closer to home. Spending more time with family seems to be important to you now and you may be working more closely with young people. The simple act of creating is, essentially, giving of oneself. You are open now to that more charitable side of yourself.

Gemini: Goddess Hestia, Goddess of Home, Fire, Hearth

Friends and neighbors provide you with a great deal of joy. Your social life picks up with neighborhood picnics, potlucks bringing out the best in your community. It’s time to have some fun, socialize, and make new friends. This is one of the best times to get along with your neighbors. Become aware of all the love you have in your life. Look around your neighborhood and remember why you chose to live there. Notice the beauty. Smile, wave and say hello. You are more sensitive now to all the beauty around you.

Cancer: Goddess Bona Fortuna, Roman Goddess of Good Fortune

Opportunities arise to attract more abundance in your life. At the same time, you may have a desire to spend more money on beautiful things. It’s ok to buy the things you desire. You yearn to surround yourself with quality and lovely possessions. If you are looking for a loan, it is likely you will be successful. With careful investing you may reap the rewards of your good choices.

Receiving gifts this month is likely to come from loved ones and friends. You are admired by those around you. They maybe even a little envious of all your good fortune. Share a little with others, as you always do, and everyone will be able to enjoy in all the blessings coming your way.

Leo: Goddess Shekinah, Goddess of Peace and the Divine Feminine

You speak freely and with ease. Much of what you have to say is very loving and well spoken. Those around will feel the sweet sentiment in your words. You can be very persuasive when negotiating with others and would be a wonderful mediator for those who just can’t seem to get along.

This month your voice is your canvas. Use your words to create beauty in the ears, hearts, and minds of others. Your positive attitude about your life helps other deal with their drama and the world today. Help others find their loveliness.

Virgo: Goddess Sulis, Goddess of Sacred Waters and Spring. Healing

Time to spoil and love yourself. What have you been suffering over? Time to let your mind relax and let go of the stress in your life. Charitable you are and have given a great deal lately to others. It’s time for some self-care. Release and let go in your favorite bath/spa or sacred place. Ask others for help now. Call in those favors if you need help with your list of day to day duties/chores. Bring peace in where it is absent for you through sweet poetry, the gentle sounds of nature, and soft lights, and music.

Libra: Goddess Euphrosyne, Goddess of Mirth, Joy, and Merriment

The most loving place to be today is with your friends. Your highest ideals are important to you now. Your commitment to loving everyone is very strong. Have fun with communities of people who have the same hopes, dreams, and values for the world. Hand in hand you align with them now and need them during this time. In group partnership you will empower each other.

Scorpio: Goddess Aziri, Goddess of Success in Business and Abundance

Opportunities in career are opening for you. You are attracting the right people into your environment. Great conversions and passion about your professional life give way perfect partnerships. Your business, if you have one, should be building momentum. Money is coming from your favorite customers. Regardless of what you do for a living you will do everything you can to make the company a better place to be.

Cleaning up your work space and bringing in something beautiful, redecorating, or just bringing in a living plants or flowers will brighten the environment. It really feels good to shift the energy around a bit. Clarity begins with beauty and fresh air.

If you are retired and some of you are already there. This where you find new ways to bless the world with your wisdom. You shine by your faith in others success. Give advice where ever it is needed.

Sagittarius: Goddess Brigit, Goddess of Peace, Smith-craft, Fire, and Creativity

Personal growth sound like hard work but it isn’t for you this time. This is the kind of growth that involves pleasures of all the senses. You are finding what you love and enjoy doing. Your focus tends to be on experiences that attract more beauty in your life. Visual arts can be enjoyed at your leisure. A vacation leading you to a place you have always dreamed about it now an option. Does the Louvre excite you? Stop by a museum and take in the colors, textures. See a movie that moves you so deeply you realize you have been waiting for a chance to open your heart up again. Take a class in calligraphy, painting, sculpting. Even if only for a day find that creative, free spirit inside of you and give her a reason to smile.

Capricorn: Goddess Gaia, Goddess of the Deep Earth, Mother of all

Deepening of love is the theme for you this month. You can go further they you thought you could. Passion is stronger this month towards your partner and you too can have so much fun exploring the mysteries of your partner.

In business, all your investment will get a boost. I feel like anything that has to do with the earth will do well for you. I am not talking about the environment type earth. Perhaps real estate or stocks you can purchase that comes from her lovely belly. Choose wisely as you always do but it is easier now to make a profit off of your investments.

Aquarius: Goddess Ishtar, Goddess of Love

Your very best friends and the people you love the most are there for you now. You are surrounded by loved ones. Your attention is on who is truly my friend. Who truly is looking out for me as I am them? This becomes clearer now and you spend more time with those people you love and trust the most.

If you are already married, you find it easier to be loving towards him/her this month. You seem to be getting along better than usual.

If you are single you may be attracting some unusual romantic partners this month. Maybe someone older, younger, or just has a unique way of expressing themselves. Which you of course find this very attractive. You like interesting people.

Pisces: Goddess Venus, Goddess of Pleasure, Love, and Good Relationships

Sweets, treats, and overindulging feels so good. You may need to take it easy over the temptations. As it is easy to go overboard with the desert tray. Personally, I say go for it and enjoy your life. But you, may want to go slow. Getting the weight off can be challenging later.

The good news is your day to day life is pretty sweet too. People are looking quite favorably at you. If you need to negotiate with anyone this is the time to do it. You are charming as can be and sensitive to other people’s feelings. You understand them and the will appreciation your willingness to work with them

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