Goddess Scopes Horoscopesfor May 2018 

By: Donna Virgilio

Working with the Goddess each month gives you an opportunity to get to know the character, gifts and essence of each Goddess. The qualities of the Goddess are also in you. As you get to know the Goddess you will get to know yourself and your divine feminine power. Take time to connect with the Goddess that has been specifically chosen for your sign. You will produce results in your life both inward and out in the world.

Aries: Goddess Minerva: Goddess of Wisdom

The Goddess of knowledge and wisdom is whispering in your ear. She says, go out and have fun. Socialize, talk to your neighbors, and the people in your community. You will want to keep it light a breezy. Sit on the sunny side of the street. Engage with others who see life the way you do for a while. No controversy. You don’t need it. You have heard enough from the other side. It’s now time enjoy the pleasures of life.

Take a short weekend trip if you have time. Grab a friend a hike, swim, dance, and play. View how wonderful life can be when you are not taking everything so seriously.

Taurus: Goddess Copia – Roman Goddess of Abundance

The Goddess pours her cornucopia of abundance and blessings upon you. You will attract opportunity, followed by money.

With all those blessings coming your way, this is not the time to overspend. Be frugal and save most of what you receive for later. As fast as the money comes in you will want to shop for lovely little things you see but really don’t need right now.

The is a great-time to negotiate for a raise. Business transactions should go smoothly and in your favor.

Be blessed and prosper this month.

Gemini: Goddess Shekinah – Mother Goddess, Peace

Goddess Shekinah sings sweetly to you. Her flowing energy calms you. Feel her and she moves closer to you now. Her divine melody heals the heart. Where her feminine energy touches, softening begins.

She is the great awakener. Let her show you the path to peaceful living. Let her walk beside you this month as you journey through any challenges on your path.

Light a candle for her and yourself. Look to the flame and breath in the love that she brings to you now.

Cancer: Goddess Sulis – Healing Goddess of Great Britain and it’s Healing waters

You may be called upon now to care of another. You are the one who will give selflessly. You feel generous with your attention and energy. Take good care of yourself too as you need to keep your energy high for what you are about to do. Sleep, drink plenty of water, and make sure you are getting the nutrients your body needs. Do not deny anything your body needs to keep up your own good health. This month is a balancing act in some ways. Make sure you are getting what you need while caring for others at the same time. Ask for yourself when you need help or hire someone to take care of you too.

Leo: Goddess Philotes – Goddess of Friendship

Friendly faces and feelings are there wherever you go. It seems like the world is just working towards your success. There is a noticeable synchronicity in your life. All that you have been calling towards you begins to arrive. The right friends and groups show up to make this happen.

If you have been wanting to make new friends this is the time to begin. Smile and say hello. Start counting all the new friends you make this month.

Virgo: Goddess Aziri – Goddess of Wealth, Business Success, Love

Transform your office with a work of art. Surround your work-space with something beautiful. Add a new plant or different lightening. Let your work environment reflect all the is beautiful inside of you.

You career, runs very smoothly, making whatever projects you may be working on fall into place. You are in a very creative cycle. Your vision is clear and you know what works best.

Don’t fall for your boss or a colleague. Love and affinity for others on the job is a wonderful thing. But, keep good boundaries. Don’t confuse love for others, for romantic love. These are not the same. Show your gratitude and appreciation but keep it professional.

Libra: Goddess Calliope – Goddess of Eloquence, Poetry, Music

Music is your food. Allow your ears and mind to explore new types of music. Pull out old music that lifts your spirits. Attend a music event. Let your body sway to the rhythms that let you slip into bliss. Feel what it’s like to once again get lost in the beat of a drum or sweet sounds of voices that seem pleasing to your soul. You need is some healthy distractions. Music, art, creativity can take you there.

Musicians and songwriters flow with the magical energy now that leaves your audiences in awe.

Scorpio: Goddess Freja – Goddess of Sexuality, Irresistible Passion

Your sex life is absolutely fabulous this month. Sex goes beyond the physical and becomes a transformational and spiritual experience. That person who is your partner is very lucky indeed. Spouse’s and partners will be getting such a boost from your passion they will wonder what happened that made life look so delightful.

Your spouse/partner will see a lot of good luck for themselves. You are having a great deal of influence over them at this time. It could be that you are fulfilling so many fantasies together that the blessings just keep pouring out all over each other.

Sagittarius: Goddess Aphrodite- Goddess of Love and Beauty

Love brings with it freedom. Freedom to express yourself in ways you haven’t yet tried before. Give away a wink and little flirt. Even if you are married, let your partner know you still know how to have fun. Wrap your arms around the one you love because this is the month the Goddess brings you closer to your most intimate partner.

Try it all! Take a little risk this month and explore the most romantic side of yourself. Surprise your partner with a special outdoor event, picnic, outdoor music event, or someplace you have never been before. You are in the mood for love.

Capricorn: Goddess Aje – Goddess of Business, Material Prosperity, Capitalism

Time to get down to business. Not as much time as you thought for fun and play. Work is keeping you preoccupied this month.

Stay focused. It is a good to time negotiate, find agreement, contracts get executed, and good things come to you in your career just as you were hoping for. Your relationship with your boss is great. Clients and customers love what you have to offer. All that you give to your job right now will pay off.

Aquarius: Goddess Rhiannon – Fairy Princess, Goddess of the Sun, and a Magical White Mare

The Goddess of Beltane brings you blessings of enchantment, creativity, and pleasure. Tis the season for sensuality and sexuality; fertility and abundance. Jump the fire with the one you love, for you two will love forever.
Your mind is bursting with creativity and imagination. Let you mind run wild with new ideas. Your heart is filled with so much love. Let the one you love the most come closer. Embrace the Goddess in them and in you. Dance, sing, and make love in all her glory.

May the blessing of the Goddess be in you and all around you.

Pisces: Goddess Hestia: Goddess of Home and Family

Blessings surround your family now. You are very sensitive to your family’s needs. Your love for your parents, children, loved ones, and friends are your priority. Spend peaceful hours at home enjoying guests, beautifying your home, making everything around you comfortable.

Your parents may need to be near you now. Take great care of them, as they will be a source of boundless love for you. Reach out to them even if they live far away or have passed on. They are there to love you and support you in all that you do.

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