Goddess Scopes Message for December 2017

By: Donna Virgilio

Working with the Goddess each month gives you an opportunity to get to know the character, gifts and essence of each Goddess. The qualities of the Goddess are also in you. As you get to know the Goddess you will get to know yourself and your divine feminine power. Take time to connect with the Goddess that has been specifically chosen for your sign. You will produce results in your life both inward and out in the world.

Goddess Lucina: Goddess of Light and Love

The Goddess casts light and love across the lands and pours out blessings to her people. She protects us all and brings peace where it is needed.

She invites us to serve and give to others and to be a graceful receiver. She reminds us in the receiving with gratitude from others, we can give to them the gift of being appreciated. Pleasure comes to us when we give. Let others have the gift of having been a contribution to another.

Healing spreads rapidly through prayer, forgiveness and reaching out to others who just need to be loved. Let your community, family and friends know they matter in the world. Give them the experience that their presence makes a difference. Tell them and show them how.

We are family far and wide, throughout our lands, waters, above amongst the stars and in between the worlds. In reality, no one is ever alone. Be in the moment and become aware of those around you and how the presence of each person in the world is connected to the other.

The Goddess invites you to connect with her love and light, by being the love and the light fully expressed through you. Today, do at least one thing that would make a difference for another. Be the light in someone’s world.