Journey to the Sacred Sites of Greece
The Great Harvest Luxury Goddess Tour
Athens, Delphi and Eleusis
with Donna Virgilio Fall 2017
Luxury Goddess Tour

The earliest Oracles in Greece were Priestess Sybils who spoke directly to the Great Mother Ge or Gaia. While in trance these Priestesses spoke for the Goddess and inspired the people. Travel with Donna Virgilio to Greece and feel the energy of the Goddess at the Sacred Sites of Delphi, Athens and Eleusis. Explore through the actual temple site where Kore/Persephone descended in to the underworld. Arrive at Mirthless rock where these mysteries were regularly celebrated and where Demeter wept for her daughter. Learn about the Eleusinian mysteries at the Eleusis museum. Hear the voice of the Oracle at the Sacred Korykion Cave, located high in the mountains of Parnassus. Follow and walk the sacred ancient priestess paths to the Oracle. Visit Goddess temple ruins, the Acropolis and museums in Delphi, Eleusis and Athens. In ceremonies on the land, we will connect with Goddesses Athena, Gaia, the Muses and Ge. In spiritual bathing, we will bless ourselves and swim in the Sacred Waters of the Aegean Sea. Under the Harvest Moon reclaim your personal connection to the Goddess and revel in the power and magic of this Goddess tour. We are staying in 4 star hotels and glamming up at night!

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$3690 Early Bird Price Register on or before August 7, 2016

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Payment in full $3990
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5 months Payment Plan Available

All balances Due by May 30, 2017

Only 6 Spots Available

Four Star Hotels

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Private Goddess and Sacred Site Tours for Greece for groups of 6 people available upon request.
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