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Everyone has a probable predictable future. However, you are not stuck with it. There are infinite possible futures. In a single moment, with only a shift in your perceptions and beliefs you can create a whole new future. With a shift in perception new opportunities for action will arise.


Rev. Donna Virgilio is an International Feminine Intuitive Advisor with a worldwide client base at www.12Listen.com. She leads Goddess and Sacred Site Tours to many places around the world, including the sacred sites of England, Ireland, France and Greece. Donna teaches classes on Contemporary Spirituality, Goddess Spirituality, Ancient Rituals and Traditions at www.12academy.com and her Mp3 Classes page. She is also a ceremonialist and Wedding officiant. Donna Virgilio has had radio shows on www.12radio.com and special guests on CBS Radio and Hayhouse Radio with listeners from across the globe.


Here are some all important questions you might ask about an Feminine Intuitive Advisor.


What is a Coaching Session with Donna all about?

If you are serious about realizing your dreams and passions, then you are ready for a reading with Donna. Donna's readings are positive, honest, authentic and to the point. During her readings you will receive information about what is possible in your life. She encourages you to reach further and higher than you ever thought possible. Donna believes if you are willing to reach for your passions and your dreams you can have them. The messages you receive will help you hear what is the next step on your life's journey and with these messages new opportunities appear for spiritual growth, joy, love and prosperity. Believe it is inevitable that you will succeed and you will! Be unstoppable! Through personal coaching and feminine intuition she will guide you and support you on your life's journey.

What does an Feminine Intuitive Advisor do?

Through life experience, women's ways of knowing and personal coaching Donna will provide empowering guidance and support you on your life's journey.

Empowering Answers!

People usually ask questions about love and romance, career, money, health and life direction. Donna will also provide motivational inspiration, intuitive thinking, coaching and prayer support for her clients.

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You must be over 18 to receive a reading. Donna Virgilio is not able to give you financial, legal or medical advice as she is not qualified to do so. Seek the advice of your financial advisor, Attorney or Physician for professional help. Finally, how you use, or do not use, the advice given is completely your own responsibility.