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Donna Virgilio

Intuitive Spiritual Teacher and Inspirational Coach.

Donna Virgilio

Intuitive Spiritual Teacher and Inspirational Coach.

Experience your Magic w/ Donna Virgilio International Spiritual Advisor 

Inspirational Coaching! Join her luxury Goddess tours


Experience your Magic w/ Donna Virgilio International Spiritual Advisor 

Inspirational Coaching! Join her luxury Goddess tours

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APhrodite"s Blog

My original “✨DEAR MEN✨” piece was taken down by Facebook. It had reached far over 2.000.000 people, and I will not allow Facebook to silence a woman... therefore I post my writing again:


Do you know…

That when you enter a woman, you are actually INSIDE of another human being, you are inside of her?

Have you ever realized how sacred this is?

That this is the closest thing to oneness that you will ever experience, and that she holds this gift for you...

That you can return to the womb and to the point of creation…

That you can plant the seeds of creation as well…

That when you leave her, she feels the separation as you physically pulls out and leave her empty…

That being allowed inside of her is a gift, an honoring, something sacred, and that it is your job to know, respect and honor this…

That her heart is connected to her sex, and when you want to enter her sex, you enter her heart as well...

That she feels everything when you enter her, as all of your energy is being passed on and into her. Therefore you have a responsibility of entering with transparency of your intentions, as she will feel all the ways you might use her to avoid feeling your own pain or emotions. You need to be mindful and aware about why you are entering her, and what you are filling her up with…

That “sex” is the cosmic union of the feminine and the masculine energy, a sacred meeting of polarities, and that it has nothing to do with reaching an orgasm, lasting long enough, the size, another number for your collection, or your worth…

That truly opening up a woman, is about going deep, but not going deep within her, going deep within yourself, knowing yourself, and the deeper you are able to enter yourself, the deeper you can enter a woman as well…

Author: Zoe Johansen


✨Update upon the intention of this post:✨

- It is equally directed towards men and women 🙏


Art Credit: Chanel Baran and modelShona Keeli by Womb Illumination by Divine Flow.

Copyright: If you copy paste the text and make a new post, do not edit the text, and make sure you credit the author and also tag Zoe Johansen in the post. And also include this copyright section in your new post.


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