Goddess Scopes Horoscopes™for August 2018 

By: Donna Virgilio

Working with the Goddess each month gives you an opportunity to get to know the character, gifts and essence of each Goddess. The qualities of the Goddess are also in you. As you get to know the Goddess you will get to know yourself and your divine feminine power. Take time to connect with the Goddess that has been specifically chosen for your sign. You will produce results in your life both inward and out in the world.

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Messages for August 27, 2018

Goddess Athena:  Goddess of War and Wisdom

Mars in Capricorn goes direct. After several months in retrograde.

Mars is now moving direct on August 27th and will not go retrograde again until September 2020.  Mars is the planet of energy, action, desire, courage, and war. It is also assertive, bold, aggressive.

While Mars was retrograde you may have felt like you have been held back. You may have been tired of trying so hard and getting no where. Old resentments that hadn’t been resolved in the past may have resurfaced during this period. You turned inward to rethink your actions and desires. Resolving these issues were important but now it is time to let go and move forward.

Mars going direct will give you that burst of energy. You will start to feel supported again to take action and move forward. Mars now wants success and is willing to work to get there. Time to make new plans and follow through with them. The energy is very disciplined driven at this time. With focus, use this forward moving energy follow your dreams and ambitions. Success is inevitable.

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