7- Planetary Candles




7- Candles: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

12″ x 1¼” (30cm x 3cm)
Burning Time Approximately 25 Hours

Planetary candles are not only designed for ritual and ceremonial use but can be burned to set the appropriate ambience for any occasion. Each candle is prepared with magical herbal infusions and corresponding colours to enhance the planetary vibration.


Star Child Planetary Candles are potentised with our Lunar prepared Magical Infusions, which contain herbs collected from the respective parts of the Glastonbury Zodiac. The collections are made in accordance with the solar and lunar cycles at the appropriate times of the year. The symbols assigned to each type of oil indicate the ethereal nature of the special infusions added to the respective blends and thus provide a reference to their Magical qualities.

Planetary Candles reflect the colors appropriate to each sign or planet. They can be used to attune to the Astrological ambiance of the month or Planetary energy of the day of the week and thus provide a focus for meditation or ritual invocation.


The sun is the center of our solar-system and the life-giving force for each and every living being on this planet. It provides us with light and warmth, without which nothing could live or grow. All cultures throughout time have worshiped the Sun as the most important male deity and life-giving force of our universe.

Astrologically, the Sun represents the self or individuality. It is seen as the divine spark within – the vitality and life force, the source of power and creativity. The sun denotes an individual’s sense of self-worth and confidence. It represents higher consciousness, cosmic awareness, and the ability to recognize higher truth, which is a way of ‘seeing’ with the heart (In my heart I know this to be true…). The sun’s seat in the body is the solar plexus and the heart.

SUN ~ Purification, self-realization, creativity, confidence, communication with higher self.

KEYWORDS ~ Sun, Goddess, life-force, individuality, the conscious self, self-worth, dignity, self-confidence, strength, personal power and authority, charisma, generosity, will-power, ambition, consciousness, creativity, pride.

DEITIES ~ Isis, Brigit, Helios, Apollo, Bel

QUALITY ~ Hot, dry, sanguine, fruitful, vital, fiery

COLOUR ~ Gold, yellow

METAL ~ Gold

DAY ~ Sunday


PART OF THE BODY ~ Heart, Blood, Solar Plexus, right eye

CHALLENGE ~ Be yourself; conscious self-awareness

DRIVE ~ Individuation

NEGATIVE EXPRESSION ~ Arrogance, self-glorification, egotism


The Moon is the closest heavenly body to the Earth. It has always been associated with magic and mysteries, especially the female mysteries. Since the beginning of time the Moon has been worshiped as the Mother-Goddess, the central, most important female Goddess, who bestows the power of fertility and reigns over birth, death and regeneration.

Astrologically, the Moon signifies the soul, or anima, our feelings, impulses and responses to the world around. The Moon governs the imagination, the key to magic and manifestation. She also rules mother and mothering-impulses, genesis and female creativity, instinct and intuition. She represents the emotional life of the human psyche.

MOON ~ Psychic sensitivity, self-reflection, fertility astral travel, visualisation, dream-work.

KEYWORDS ~ Moon – Mother-Goddess, Goddess of witches and of magic, the soul, dreams, enchantment, intuition, magic, psychic receptivity, imagination, emotional memory, instinctual responses, common sense, subjective consciousness, feelings and moods, changeability, adaptability, reflection.

DEITIES ~ Selene, Diana, Luna, Hecate, Sarasvati, Bast

QUALITY ~ Cold, moist, magnetic, changeful, romantic, fruitful, receptive, sensitive

COLOR ~ White, opal, pearl, iridescent, silvery

METAL ~ Silver

DAY ~ Monday

STAR SIGN ~ Cancer

PART OF THE BODY ~ Stomach, Breasts, practical mind (common sense)

CHALLENGE ~ Awareness of subtle realities

DRIVE ~ Responsiveness

NEGATIVE EXPRESSION ~ Emotional dependency, smothering.


Mercury is the fastest, hottest and smallest planet of the solar system. It travels very close to the Sun. Mercury is the messenger, the God of learning, communication, travel and trade. He is also a healer and a magician – his mercurial nature gives him power over all the elements and the ability to affect change in accordance with the will. He is a trickster God as well though and master of deception, so his wheelings and dealings may not always be what they seem.

Astrologically, Mercury represents the faculties of the rational mind, learning, communicating, intellectual perception and understanding. He rules abstract thought processes and rationalization. He signifies social interactions, siblings and friends, as well as business transactions and networking. Mercury integrates and makes sense of experiences and impression we gather from the world around. He also governs travel and transport and helps us adjust in new a new environment.

MERCURY ~ Communication, understanding, divination, flexibility, direct energy in accordance with will.

KEYWORDS ~ Mercury – Messenger of the Gods, God of travel, trade, crossroads, healing, communication, learning, thinking, mental faculties, intellectual perception, reasoning, logic, analysis, gathering of information, synthesis, wit, trickery.

DEITIES ~ Hina, Hecate, Saraswati, Hermes, Hanuman, Thoth, Lugh

QUALITY ~ Active, excitable, changeful, cold, moist, moderately fruitful

COLOR ~ Orange, yellow, multi-colored, metallic

METAL ~ Mercury

DAY ~ Wednesday

STAR SIGN ~ Gemini/Virgo

PART OF THE BODY ~ Lungs, Mind, Nerves

CHALLENGE ~ Awareness of subtle realities

DRIVE ~ Perception

NEGATIVE EXPRESSION ~Intellectually biased narrow-mindedness, superficiality


Venus is the sister planet of the Earth as their dimensions are very similar. The ancients adored, but also feared Venus as the Goddess of Love and Beauty, born from the foam of the sea. Her blessings are truly blissful, but her spite or revenge could be terrible if she felt wronged.

Astrologically, Venus represents one’s attitudes to love and relationships as well as ones own sense of desirability and beauty, which fuels the power of attraction. She signifies what one seeks in a relationship. Venus also rules the finer things of life, the arts, dance, painting, design, as well as the culinary arts – after all love goes through the stomach, but before it gets there it passes the test of the senses.

VENUS ~ Open heart chakra, love, compassion, sensuality, giving and receiving, prosperity.

KEYWORDS ~ Venus – Goddess of Love and Beauty, unity, harmony, fairness, relating, attraction, seduction, affection, lovableness, sensuality, balance, aesthetics, appreciation of beauty and art, fads and fancies.

DEITIES ~ Aphrodite, Bridha, Lakshmi, Shakti, Freya, Ishtar

QUALITY ~ Gentle, graceful, seductive, beautiful, sensual, warm, moist, fruitful

COLOR ~ Pinks, peach green, pastel colours

METAL ~ Copper

DAY ~ Friday

STAR SIGN ~ Taurus/Libra

PART OF THE BODY ~ Kidneys, Hormones, Female sexual organs

CHALLENGE ~ Balance between giving and receiving

DRIVE ~ Attraction

NEGATIVE EXPRESSION ~ Self-centred love, indiscriminate lust, indolence


Mars is known as the red planet. In ancient times Mars was worshiped as the fiery God of War and Bloodshed as well as a God of fertility and agriculture. As such, Mars was associated with new beginnings and initiative, especially with regard to the cycle of the seasons. The festival of Spring-Equinox, which used to be the beginning of the New Year, is dedicated to him.

Astrologically, Mars represents will-power, drive and initiative. It is the survival instinct, the power that moves an individual to take on a challenge, to be competitive and ambitious. He is a ‘go-getter’ and can be aggressive or bullying in his less ‘nice’ manifestation. Mars also signifies anger – our response to being roused, challenged or crossed.

MARS ~ Energy, drive, courage, passion, action, dispels fear and apprehension, anti-apathetic.

KEYWORDS ~ Mars – God of War and warriors, the pioneer, dare-devil, will-power, action, desire, physical force and strength, energy, initiative, assertiveness, courage, response to challenge, anger, competitiveness, survival instinct, rash, overpowering.

DEITIES ~ Artemis, Kali Ma, Mars, Ares, Tyr, Tiwaz, Nergal

QUALITY ~ Hot, fiery, forceful, active, dry

COLOR ~ Red, scarlet

METAL ~ Iron

DAY ~ Tuesday

STAR SIGN ~ Aries/Scorpio

PART OF THE BODY ~ Gall bladder, adrenal glands, male reproductive organs, musclesCHALLENGE ~ Balance between giving and receiving

DRIVE ~ Desire

NEGATIVE EXPRESSION ~ Autocracy, selfish imposing of own will on others


Jupiter is the largest of all the planets, yet it consists entirely of gas. Jupiter is the King of the Gods – a bit larger than life. In the Greek Pantheon Jupiter was the head of the Olympian family over which he ruled with the help of his formidable thunderbolt. Although awesome, he is generally considered benevolent and fair. He was a very amorous God and never stingy with his affections, much to the vexation of his jealous wife.

Astrologically, Jupiter represents the principle of hope, faith and vision. It is the personal quest for meaning, the inspiration to better ourselves, to aim for our dreams and visions, to take a gamble and reach for the stars. Jupiter signifies spirituality, soul-growth and development – all that which expands our inner and outer horizons. However, Jupiter can also have a voracious appetite for fun and food and may be responsible not just for expanding mental horizons, but the waistline too.

JUPITER ~ Wisdom, prosperity, spirituality, faith, hope, personal growth, protection, healing, guidance.

KEYWORDS ~ Jupiter – King of the Gods, spiritual vision, quest for meaning, optimism, faith and hope, expansiveness, joy, generosity, honor, morals and ethics, religious ideology, philosophy, broadening of the personal horizon, luck and good fortune.

DEITIES ~ Abundantia, Fortuna, Demeter, Zeus, Indra, Thor, Donar, Thunor

QUALITY ~ Moderately hot, moist, fruitful, vital, expansive, genial

COLOR ~ (Royal) purple, violet


DAY ~ Thursday

STAR SIGN ~ Sagittarius/Pisces

PART OF THE BODY ~ Liver, metabolism

CHALLENGE ~ Quest for meaning

DRIVE ~ Vision and hope, optimism.

NEGATIVE EXPRESSION ~ Bigotry and self-indulgence


Saturn is the second largest planet of the solar-system, most famous for its rings. Until the discovery of Uranus and the other outer planets Saturn represented the boundary of the known solar-system, for it is the last planet which can be seen with the naked eye. He was respected, yet feared for no-one could escape his rule over the cycles of time and the laws of karma. Saturn is the reaper- he kills the grain, but in doing so sustains life. Saturn is a God of boundaries and limitations and of the most physical, mundane aspects of life, which may not be ‘fun’ but provide the basic foundation for our existence.

Astrologically, Saturn represents responsibility, duty and conscience. It is the principle of growing-up, which demands an individual to face up to reality and take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Each of us reaps as we sow. Saturn also signifies inhibitions and fears and may be experienced as ‘that which holds us back’.

SATURN ~ Grounding, focus, rites of passage, dealing with grief, loss and death, sacrifice, exorcism.

KEYWORDS ~ Saturn – Keeper of time and cycles, karma, the teacher, responsibility, duty, conscience, consolidation, concentration, discipline, frustration, fears, inhibition, principles, demands of the material world, isolation, loneliness.

DEITIES ~ Cerridwen, Cailleach, Sheela na Gig, Cronus, Bran, Kaimanu, Ninurta

QUALITY ~ Cold, dry, hard, barren, constant, conscientious

COLOR ~ Grey, black, dark brown, indigo

METAL ~ Lead

DAY ~ Saturday

STAR SIGN ~ Capricorn/Aquarius

PART OF THE BODY ~ Bones, Skin


DRIVE ~ Vision and hope, optimism.

NEGATIVE EXPRESSION ~ Maturation, conscientiousness, self-responsibility

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Weight 82 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 14.75 in

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